Blogs I often read

There are several personal blogs I often read. None of them are on popular blogging sites such as Yahoo! 360 and Myspace, but on personal websites. Perhaps when you have your own blog on your own website, you will write more often with more effort and seriousness, which will result in better posts. Below is a list of some, though not all, blogs I often read:

  • Blog Khoa hoc may tinh (Vietnamese, sometimes English): this is a blog by Prof. Hung Ngo at SUNY Buffalo, on many topics from computer science to education, and even entertainment. This blog is very interesting and useful, especially for Vietnamese students and professionals in the US (not necessarily in CS).
  • Minh Bien (Vietnamese): lots of thoughtful and informative posts on various topics, especially politics, economics, and social problems/events. Sometimes, there are interesting discussions on “hot” topics.
  • Michael Hyatt’s From Where I Sit (English): a blog by Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. There are blogs of famous CEO’s out there, such as Sun’s Jonathan or Novell’s John, but I find Hyatt’s blog very different. He doesn’t write too much about his work, his company events, or hi-tech news. He writes about his experience, his lessons of life and work. He writes about becoming a better person, overcoming failures, giving your heart to your work,… Good balance between many interesting topics.
  • Blogs on Matlab (English): basically for my work.
  • Nguoi Tap Viet (Vietnamese): Le Duy Tien’s blog. I read it mostly for fun. There are some pretty good posts anyway.
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