American Remakes of Asian Movies

Hollywood has been remaking many (good) Asian movies. The newest one is a remake of the famous Korean movie “My Sassy Girl” – one of my favorites.

The Korea’s Sassy Girl (2001)

The America’s Sassy Girl (2008)

Another example is “The Eye” – one of the best Hongkong horrors (frankly, I didn’t even make it to the end of this movie).

American remake of “The Eye”

The third example is the famous Hongkong crime-thriller series “Infernal Affair” (with Andy Lau, Tony Leung,…)

and its American remake – “The Departed” (the movie in which there is a “F*CK” in every 3 sentences :D)

I wonder if there will be American remakes of “In the mood for love,” “A World Without Thieves,” and others.

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