Fun trip to Troy

I went to Troy, NY last weekend to visit my friends and attend a meeting of the Vietnam Book Drive project. It was a lot of fun and we “ăn chơi đàn đúm ngất ngây.” These are some pics (the Picasa album is here).

One of the hosts – anh Nghĩa
anh Nghia

Lots of great food (hot pot, crabs, beef, beer…)

Left to right: Cún, Hường, Hoàng, Việt Anh, Trường, chị Hòa

Don’t know why my lips were in this shape.

Two hosts (anh Nghĩa & anh Bình), Cún was soooo cute listening to anh Nghĩa.

So full

Playing table soccer

BBQ: vịt ướp mắm tôm riêng mẻ (chẹp chẹp, thơm cực, ngon cực)

Preparing BBQ

And eating

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One Response to Fun trip to Troy

  1. Hoa says:

    Người ta nói :”Trẻ uống nước trà, già tập thể dục”, thấy đúng bác già Nghĩa và bác Ba hì hục nhỉ.

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