Won the NEC’s 2008 Intern T-Shirt Competition

Last month, NEC Lab America had a competition, for the first time, to choose a T-shirt design for new interns coming to NEC Lab this summer. I participated in the competition, and I won it šŸ™‚ My design will be used for t-shirts for new interns at NEC Lab. The t-shirts will be distributed next month. Follows is the email notifying the winner of the competition. Congratulations to me! šŸ˜€

The winning entry is available for viewing at: http://customink.com/cink/r.jsp?PA=504682&E=carla@nec-labs.com. Congratulations to Truong Nghiem for submitting the design of choice! Truong is a student at the University of Pennsylvania and is here (or will be soon) working with Sriram Sankaranarayanan in the Systems Analysis and Verification Group.

The t-shirts are expected in about a week and will be distributed as soon as they come in. Thanks to you all for your participation!


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2 Responses to Won the NEC’s 2008 Intern T-Shirt Competition

  1. Thang says:

    Congratulations! Why don’t you attempt to design a new T-shirt for VEF fellows?

  2. Thuy says:

    Congrats! Anh Truong cung nhieu tai ghe co ^^

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