Is the Internet changing your brain?

Today, I read an entry on Michael Hyatt’s blog (as a side note, Michael is the president and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and I usually enjoy reading his blog). The entry was about the effect that the Internet has been having on our brain. It has been changing the way we think, the way we read, the way we absorb information. Yes, I agree with the entry, because it happens to me too. I am having all the “symptoms.” I cannot focus to read a long article. When reading something longer than about a page, I tend to skim it looking for some “interesting” information. Sometimes I rely too much on Google and resources from the Internet. You may ask whether it is good or bad? Should we try to avoid it? I don’t really know but I thinks it’s the trend and it’s unavoidable. We only need a good balance. But how? I will think about it later. For now, at least try to read Michael’s entry from top to bottom 🙂

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