My early birthday party

Yesterday, I drove to Princeton to discuss my work with some people at NEC-Labs. In the evening, I dropped by my old house, where I had lived during the summer, to visit my friends. To my surprise, they had prepared a birthday cake for me and asked me to go out for dinner. So we had a sushi dinner (yes, sushi) at a small Japanese restaurant in Princeton. Dung said it’s a very famous one in Princeton, though I’m not so sure about that 🙂 As usual, we talked a lot, about the topics that men often talk about when they are together without any woman 😀

Then we headed back home for the cake. Laura, the “hot” girl who rented out her apartment to us for the summer, dropped by to check the apt, and we asked her to join us. It’s very fun. A lot of fun. Yesterday was also Fangyu’s birthday, and he also had a birthday cake but he’d already eaten it all in the morning (if you see him, you will not be surprise about that 😉 ). We continued talking and laughing until I had to drive back to Philly before it’s too late.

It’s just a small early birthday party, but it really, really made me happy. Thank you all, my friends: Dung Vo, Sudipta, Fangyu, and Shalabh. It’s a pity that Dung Han couldn’t join us last night. It always feels good seeing and talking to you. I will definitely miss our long and funny dinner-time conversations (our dinners were never shorter than 1 hour). Good luck with your work and life in California. And have a happy wedding this December, Sudipta.

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