ASCII to MathML: LaTeX-like Math for Web

You love the way mathematical expressions are typesetted in LaTeX. You wish you can use LaTeX-like mathematical typesetting on web pages. You already have several options, such as TeX4ht or LaTeX support of certain blogging systems, but they are either complicated and difficult to use or specific to a closed system. You heard of MathML, which brings beautiful mathematical expressions to the web but not friendly to LaTeX users. Then you need a tool to convert LaTeX-like math to MathML to display on the web. ASCIIMathML is such a tool.

Following are the simple steps you need to use this excellent tool to bring “real” mathematical expressions to your web pages:

  1. Download a javascript file from the ASCIIMathML webpage and put it somewhere inside your html folder.
  2. Include a line in every html file that you need to display math.
  3. Typeset mathematical expressions in your html files using either ASCII format or LaTeX format.
  4. All math expressions in your html files will be converted automatically on the fly to MathML when they are displayed on the client computers. Note that your users’ browsers must support MathML (they may need to install some MathML player add-on to their browsers).

That’s it. Very simple. You can look at many examples on the abovementioned website.

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