The very first weekly review

My last week was a complete failure.

  • Relationship failed: I tried/forced myself to think that it was for good, but it has been so difficult.
  • Life failed: didn’t take care of myself, my apartment, and my life; didn’t shop for groceries and will be out of food this week; felt unmotivated.
  • Health failed: an entire week with sickness and still sick today; lost several pounds in just a week; felt very tired and short of breath.
  • Work failed: planned to do some (serious) research over the weekend but didn’t even read or write a letter.
  • Personal finance failed: lost some investment money, not much but still a lost.
  • Even my desktop computer failed me (power failure) the next morning after my relationship had ended. I wonder if this was a curse, a punishment on me for what I had done.

Goal for this week:

  • Calm down and get my life back.
  • Take care of myself, improve my health (eating, sleeping…) and start to exercise.
  • Focus on work, get some serious research result done.
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