New Experiment

Edited: after some research, I decided to revise my experiment a little bit (italic = added).

I want to try a new experiment: go to bed early, at around 10 pm when I feel sleepy, and wake up early at around 6 am (eventually 5:30 am). The experiment will start next week and will last 30 days (ends on May 1) 1 week. The reason I will not start it now is that I will go to DC this weekend. After 30 days 1 week, I will see if this experiment is feasible and if it has good effect on my life, then I will decide if I want to continue (long-term or for several weeks more).


  • To be healthier.
  • To have more valuable time for work and doing things I like. Time in the morning is usually more valuable.
  • To be more efficient in life and work.
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