Some new 30-day experiments

First off, why do I put all my experiments/plans on my blog? Because when I publish my plans, I will be forced/encouraged more to do them.

All the experiments will start immediately and will last 30 days (ends on May 6).

Diet Experiment

  • Less animal produces: I will eat less meat; and the meat I eat will be the better ones, e.g. fish; eggs (esp. egg’s white) and milk are exceptions.
  • Less oil and fat: minimize my oil and fat consumption; limit fried food; eat raw/steamed/boiled food instead (e.g. boiled tofu instead of fried tofu).
  • Less salt and sugar
  • Less rice
  • Avoid sugary drinks (soft drinks, bottled juice…), coffee –> I’m pretty good at this; occasional alcohol (beer, wine) is OK.
  • More plant produces: I will complement my nutrition input with fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Eat more bananas, apples, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, beans, all kinds of vegetables, nuts…
  • Eat fruits before the main dish: fruits then rice+meat+vegetables.
  • Eat less per meal and more meals per day: don’t eat too full, just enough; eat 4-5 meals a day.
  • Main meals:
    • Breakfast: fruit, bread or rice or noodle + egg/meat, milk –> goal is to absorb as much energy as possible.
    • Lunch: more fruit, rice/noodle with meat and more vegetables.
    • Dinner: mostly fruit and vegetables, a little rice and meat.

Exercise everywhere

Spring has come, and I will try to exercise and stay outdoor more. Take the stair instead of the elevator. Walk to and from school instead of taking the Penn Bus. Gym (swimming, weight training) at least 3 times/week. Morning and evening exercise everyday. Work outdoor in the sunlight more often.

Going green

This deserves a separate entry and I will write it when I have time.

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One Response to Some new 30-day experiments

  1. Nam Pham says:

    Yeah, you’re getting old 😛

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