How to be a Man

I came by this post, titled “How to be a man,” by Steve Pavlina several days ago. Though I disagree with him on a few points, I think it is worth reading and provides good guidelines for males to become “men.” The post inspired me to find and think more about the topic and came up with my own “How to be a Man” version. I haven’t finished my thinking, but I will put my thoughts here for reference. I will elaborate on these points later, and even change/remove/add points to the post.

So, how to be a MAN? In other words, what are the characteristics of a (real) man nowadays? The order is random and not important.

  1. Be strong physically, mentally and emotionally.
  2. Make real decisions and never hesitate.
  3. Be focus. Know what is important and what is not.
  4. Put his relationships second.
  5. Know the importance of, love and protect his family and his Family (family = wife + children, Family = larger family including his parents, his organization, his community).
  6. Be willing to fail.
  7. Be confident.
  8. Face his fears.
  9. Have a career. Having a career does not mean being a manager or a CEO, or a famous person.
  10. Make his own fortune.
  11. Be the master of his own home.
  12. Keep his words.
  13. Keep his mouth shut. Never gossip and never start rumors.
  14. Can defend himself.
  15. Have disciplines and his own values.
  16. Accept responsibilities for his relationships.
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