So, what’s the deal with Facebook?

As you might know, I deleted my Facebook account a while ago. Do I miss it? Not at all. How do I feel? I feel I have more time to do my work and enjoy my life. I feel I have more time to breath fresh air out there. I feel I need to go out and connect (physically) with my real friends.

When I deleted my Facebook account, on the final page, it said that if I did that, my “friends” would miss me and they could not connect with me. What the heck? First of all, among my 300-ish Facebook friends, many I haven’t met once, most of the rest I haven’t talked or met or even chatted for a very long time. They may be my friends in the broad sense, but they are not my real friends in the strict sense. Many of them even haven’t found out yet that I disappeared from facebook. I am pretty sure most of them don’t care about me that much and don’t want to “know” about me that much, and certainly don’t miss me as facebook warned πŸ™‚ Oh, and about connection. My real friends can connect with me in various ways that are much better than via facebook. They can call me, they can email me, they can chat with me (privately), they can even see my face via webcam, or better, we can hang out, talk face-to-face and have a nice dinner or enjoy a movie together. That’s so much better!

Talking about privacy. Some people argue that Facebook gives you all the options to control your privacy. First, you don’t have total control (that’s too clear and I don’t think I need to provide details). Second, Facebook regularly change their privacy policy in a way that your old settings are superseded by pro-public default settings, without your notice. But most importantly, I don’t trust Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg, especially after I read this, this, and this, and after Mark told us that people didn’t have privacy anymore. So I don’t want to be on facebook anymore.

What am I using now in place of facebook? That will be in another post πŸ™‚

Another tiny story: when I deleted my facebook account, I chose to not receive message/ad from facebook. The result: facebook recently have sent me a lot of emails, to my school email address (which I removed from facebook a long long time ago), to ask me to join facebook because my “friends” (and they really named 4 people I know each time) are on facebook. Screw you, facebook. Why don’t you respect my choice to not receive emails from you? Anyway, I had to click on “unsubscribe,” or “opt out” I don’t remember exactly, to stop receiving those emails.

Time to go to bed now. Ah, I will read some books on my new e-reader before sleep πŸ™‚

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