On my different websites

It has been unclear, even to me, what are the roles of my various websites.  I have at least 5 different ones:

  • My Penn homepage.
  • This blog.
  • My blog on LaTeX.
  • My personal website at truongnghiem.com
  • My short notes at truongnotes.tumblr.com

Now I’ve assigned the roles of each of them:

  • My Penn homepage will be academic-oriented: my research, my academic publications, my coursework, my CV… The issue of this web address is that it will be only available while I am at Penn.
  • This blog will be the place where I blog 🙂 everything from my life, funny stories, to my research and Matlab.
  • My LaTeX blog will be the place where I write about LaTeX tips and tricks. Its role is more for myself than for other people.
  • My personal website is my long-term, hopefully permanent, official web address. I will put in there my official information, my writings, my research… Sometimes I will collect several posts of the same topic from my blogs and put them into a more complete article to be put on this website.
  • My tumblr address will still be the place for storing my short notes, for myself and for sharing with others.
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