Where to go?

I’ve been thinking about my future. What do I want to do? Who do I want to become? What career do I want to pursue? Answers to these questions are, without doubt, critical. To be honest, for quite a long time, I had been living without clear goals and directions. Sometimes I felt hopeless and meaningless. Now that I am close to the end of my graduate study, it’s time, even quite late, to think carefully about all these questions, try to answer them, and follow the directions I choose.

I haven’t got my answers yet. But that’s not disappointing, because I think that careful consideration of these questions needs a lot of time. Although I will always be flexible in my life, I don’t want to choose  a wrong road to waste my time. Right now, what I clearly understand and have strong determination to do are:

  • I need to work hard, harder, as hard as possible, and wisely, to finish my study as soon as possible (first priority), and with good results (second priority).
  • Develop and keep a healthy life-style (in the broad sense, inc. dietary, exercise, entertainment, sports…). My health is of first priority.
  • (Second priority) Need to acquire more and broader knowledge on things other than my research, inc. economics, social knowledge, language…, through reading and personal exploration. Now that I already purchased a e-reader, there is no reason to put off reading.
  • (Second priority) Networking – networking – networking. No need to stress this more.
  • (Third priority) Find/explore my own style of everything. What is my uniqueness?
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