Weekly review: week ends on 2010-06-13

I decided that from now on, I will write weekly reviews. Each review will conclude the last week (what I did, what goals I achieved, what I failed…) and state the goals/tasks for the next week (actually the current week when the review is written). The goal/task list should be short and doable (i.e., DO NOT overestimate my ability). Rather achieve a few simple goals than fail a lot of great goals and feel bad about myself.

Because this is the first week, and it’s already middle of the week, I will not review my last week.

Plans for next week


  • Read the RTSS paper I was assigned to review; just read once, no need to review.
  • Read about basic learning algorithms.
  • If have time, work on TTA & bisim research. [low priority]


  • Habit: go to bed before midnight and get up (out of bed) before 8 am.
  • Habit: light exercise every morning; work-out at least 3 times. (Done 2x so far).
  • Continue reading the current book.
  • DO NOT hang out this weekend unless absolutely necessary.
  • Clean up my kitchen & bathroom by weekend.
  • Groceries for fruits & vegetables this weekend.
  • Prepare & cook some food this weekend.
  • Learn some photography this weekend. [low priority]


  • Make a list of places for Le’s visit.
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