Weekly Review: weeks from 2010-09-13 to 09-26

It’s been two weeks since the last weekly review.  I was pretty busy, both doing my work and hosting my sister. Yesterday, I drove her to JFK to fly back to Singapore, then to Vietnam. Honestly, I felt a little lonely after she left.

Back to my review.  In the last two weeks, I almost finished my paper when we decided to postpone it and submit to another conference instead. That’s a good decision, I think. Anyway, the last two weeks were a success. Way to go, Truong!

Last two weeks


  • [X] Write ACC paper and get comments from George. I finished, then we decided to postpone submitting it.
  • [X] Contact Bin Yan about HVAC. We will have second meeting in two days.
  • [X] Find a good application/example for my idea on temporal logic and verification. Reading some papers to look for a good example, probably in bio-systems.
  • [X] Talk with Rahul about new problem.
  • [X] Set-up meeting with George and Rahul.


  • [-] Try to stay in good shape and survive this tough week. Survived, but not in good shape 🙂
  • [X] Clean up my apartment, remove “old” stuffs.
  • [X] Think about and set-up my new schedule.
  • [X] Renew my short-term goals.


  • [X] Check on my sister during her trip, ensure that she is OK.
  • [X] Successfully host my sister during her trip.

Plan for next week

Starting this week, I will begin my new modified working and living schedule with strong focus on research/work and career.  I’ve renewed my short-term goals, and I would need to work really hard to accomplish them. Thus I will be very busy in the coming months (up to 15 months). I might become MIA, as a result.


  • [ ] Re-run building simulation.
  • [ ] Revise my RHC paper on HVAC (several times). Submitted to ACC.
  • [ ] Talk with Rahul and George, define new tasks for HVAC research.
  • [ ] Talk with Bin Yan about HVAC research & collaboration.
  • [ ] Read/learn more about HVAC & green buildings, find problems that I can work on. No need to rush, but really need to think about it.
  • [ ] Become organized at work 🙂
  • [ ] Read mathematical control theory.


  • [ ] Follow my new modified schedule; revise it if necessary.
  • [ ] Eat healthy.
  • [ ] Exercise & gym & swim frequently (goal: get back in shape after 1-2 months).
  • [ ] Contact the car rental company & the credit card company to figure how to solve the !*&@(* problem.
  • [ ] (Probably) Close my Comcast account and open a new one; ask anh Hoan first.
  • Read more.


  • [ ] Contact that friend, build better & closer connection. Figure out what to do next.
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2 Responses to Weekly Review: weeks from 2010-09-13 to 09-26

  1. Cheers from mostlymaths.net! I just answered your comment there, I was introduced to yasnippet after posting that post in reddit/emacs. Indeed, it is a lot more complete than my solution, but until I can clear my actual uses, I just can’t get myself to use it. But it is far more useful, this goes without discussion!

    Just guessing, but you use org-mode export to html? 😉



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