Living a simpler life

I lost my iPhone exactly a month ago. That sucked so much. At that time, one of my first thoughts was that I would buy a new smart phone, most probably an Android phone. I even researched extensively to find a phone I would love (the Samsung Galaxy S). Then, I suddenly realized that I had been depending on technology and gadgets too much. I asked myself if a smart phone was really needed and what the real benefits were. The answers were NO and NOT MUCH, respectively. I decided I would give a try to live a simpler life and be less dependent on technology. The point is that technology, and gadgets, should only be used when they are necessary to support our life and work, to make them easier/more enjoyable, not to complicate them.

So I dusted off my 5-year-old Nokia 3320, charged its battery, and plugged in my new sim-card. It is a simple, small, light cellphone. It does not do much, but it makes and receives calls very well. It does not waste my time checking emails dozen times a day, reading news feeds and twitters, or playing games. Its battery lasts 7 days. After a month, I feel happier because I realize that I can live well without a smart phone and my life seems more relaxed. I feel better because I depend less on technology. I feel richer because I do not have to pay 60 bucks a month for an iPhone plan (I am now using a prepaid account and pay about $8/month).

I went on and reduced my computer usage. I read (real) books instead of browsing news, twitters and blogs, and watching video clips. Of course, I still do, but much less. My bedroom now contains only 2 electronic pieces: my old cellphone and my Sony e-reader (with e-ink screen).

So far so good.  I don’t think I will need a smarter phone, or any smart gadgets, until absolutely necessary.

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