Weekly review and more: week ends on 01/16/2011

This is my first weekly review of the year 2011. The Spring semester started last week, and so did the course CIS-800 which I administer. Besides that, I was too lazy and did not accomplish much.  One problem happened to me last week. Somehow I felt very empty and set back, that I did not find any interest in doing anything. I don’t think I was too stressed. It seems like I temporarily lost my sense of direction of my life, probably due to the winter break, the very cold weather, and my severe flu just 10 days ago. I feel better now. I wrote down my resolutions for 2011. I wrote down all the principles I need to adhere to. I wrote down all my responsibilities, to myself and my family. I hope everything will be fine the coming week and this year.

Plan for next week


  • [ ] Committee presentation
  • [ ] Prepare slides and talks for the CIS-800 class.
  • [ ] Work on the scheduling problem.
  • [ ] (really should) Choose an E+ example and derive a GM for it.
  • [ ] (really should) Formalize the “optimization on GM” problem.
  • [ ] (optional) Set up experiment in E+.
  • [ ] (optional) Draft the GM software.
  • [ ] (if have time) Continue to learn more about GM, especially inference algorithms.
  • [ ] (if have time) Update websites & CV.


  • [ ] Learn language (regularly).
  • [ ] Keep regular schedule (esp. sleeping).
  • [ ] Exercise regularly.
  • [ ] Read & learn more.
  • [ ] Talk/chat with family at least once.
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