Weekly review: week from 2011-02-14 to 20

This week started with the Valentine day. And of course I didn’t have a V-day. Indeed, I had to work like crazy to finish a paper for a deadline on V-day mid-night of a workshop. I managed that. This week was a success. I had some very good results, which lead to me again working my butt off for another deadline in 10 days. This one is a big and important conference. So no excuse for being lazy.

Last week


  • Submit the scheduling paper.
  • Work on extending the scheduling result to more complex dynamics.
  • Had good results and started writing paper for CDC.


  • Complete & submit the paperwork to DSQ.
  • Keep regular schedule (esp. sleeping). This one is a hit-and-miss, but has improved compared to the previous week.
  • Talk/chat with family.

Plan for next week


  • [ ] Finish good draft of CDC paper (write, discuss, simulation).
  • [ ] Start re-running simulations for the ACC paper.
  • [ ] Plan revising ACC paper.
  • [ ] Update course website.
  • [ ] Format the ACC paper to confirm with the requirements.
  • [ ] Choose or create an E+ example for experiments.
  • [ ] Continue to learn more about GM.
  • [ ] (should) Set up experiment in E+ (don’t need a E+ model yet, just the set-up).
  • [ ] (should) Draft the GM software.
  • [ ] (if have time) Update websites & CV.


  • [ ] Keep regular schedule (esp. sleeping).
  • [ ] Buy new swimming goggles.
  • [ ] Play music.
  • [ ] (Should) Learn language regularly.
  • [ ] (Should) Exercise regularly.
  • [ ] (If have time) Read & learn more.
  • [ ] Talk/chat with family.
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