Weekly review: week from 2011-3-7 to 13

Last week

It took too much time to fix the bug in my CDC code and finish my paper.


  • Fixed the bug in my CDC code.
  • Finish final draft of CDC paper with simulation results.
  • Start revising IFAC paper; finish 50%; asked GF to finish the rest.


  • Almost kept regular schedule.
  • Play music 🙂
  • Talk/chat with family.

Plan for next week


  • [ ] Submit CDC paper.
  • [ ] Start re-running simulations for the ACC paper.
  • [ ] Start revising ACC paper.
  • [ ] Plan for future research on buildings & energy (GM & future directions from the CDC paper).
  • [ ] Continue revising IFAC paper, with GF.
  • [ ] Re-start work on GM (a little bit is OK, just need to start).
  • Pending: Choose or create an E+ example for experiments, GM, Set up experiment in E+, Update websites & CV.


  • [ ] Keep regular schedule (esp. sleeping).
  • [ ] Play music
  • [ ] (Should) Learn language regularly.
  • [ ] (Should) Exercise regularly.
  • [ ] Talk/chat with family.
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