Weekly review: week from 2011-7-4 to 7-10

Last week


  • In the process writing up the examples/applications
  • Contacted Siemens
  • Updated Penn website & CV.


  • Almost kept regular schedule, still jet-lag a bit.
  • Experimented with food & ways to cook efficiently.
  • Learned more about H.

Plan for next week


  • Scheduling problem: write up the results, write up the examples/applications, general design of code, draft of controller synthesis for bounded dynamics.
  • Read books (optional).
  • Pending: develop my urgency-based scheduling idea, BN for the E+ model, Work on GM & tool, update personal website.


  • Keep regular schedule & time management.
  • The Video.
  • (Should) Exercise regularly.
  • (Should) Play music.
  • (Should) Reading.
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