Just for fun: the Six Sixes and the Five C’s

The Western’s Six Sixes and the Singapore’s Five C’s. To summarize:

  • The Six Sixes is a system (rumored to be) used by Western women to assess the attractiveness/quality of a man. They are: A Six-Figure Salary, At Least Six Feet Tall, At Least 600 Horsepower In His Car, A Six-Pack Abdomen, At Least Six Months Since Last Relationship, At Least Six Inches Below The Belt. I’m sure a man who has all those qualities is rare.
  • The Five C’s is a similar system (rumored to be) used by Singaporean women. Basically, if you want to marry a Singaporean woman, you need:  Cash, Car, Credit card, Condominium and Country club membership.

Don’t take it too serious. They are for fun. I believe it is not entirely true that women assess men based on these systems. Although, of course, the more of these qualities a man have, the better chance he will get a girl.

Have a nice weekend, men 🙂

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