Tracking my life

Because of several reasons, I decide that starting from this week I will track my life in different aspects.

  • My sleep: for a long time, I have always been wanting to keep regular sleeps (i.e. go to bed early and rise early at consistent hours and have at least 7h15′ of sleep everyday). However, I have always failed. By tracking my sleep, I hope I can finally nail it. I will use an Android software called Sleepbot to help me log my daily sleep. I will then export the data and will summarize the result in my weekly reviews.
  • My workout: I have set some goals for my fitness (that includes my desired weight, aerobic condition, strength, etc) and I need a way to track my progress towards them. There are many tools for that, from traditional ones like pen & paper to computer/smartphone-based software and online sites. However, I resort to the following tools:
    • Pen & paper: I will use a small notebook to record my workout. It is convenient because I can always bring it with me and it works everywhere. I never bring my phone to workout rooms.
    • Online service: I will enter the data from my notebook to an online site. The advantages are that I have a back-up of the logs and I can perform more advanced tracking/visualization/analysis of the results. The service I chose is Dailyburn. Its user-interface is intuitive and easy to use; it has videos and pictures to illustrate the exercises, and it has challenges and a motivation model.

    I will also summarize the workout results in my weekly reviews.

  • My daily activities: I need to track my daily activities to identify the inefficiencies in my daily life. I hope that by doing so, I can improve the productivity and the quality of my work & life. The tool I use for this task must be super convenient because otherwise, I will stop doing it very soon. So I decided to use an Android software called Time Recording. It is easy to use and most importantly, it runs on my smartphone, which always accompanies me through my day. The software can export data and perform simple analysis.
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