Weekly review: week from 2011-7-25 to 7-31

Last week


  • Started revising CDC paper.
  • Wrote a part of Scheduling problem.
  • Worked with F on BN for the E+ model.
  • ACC reimbursement, learned how to file reimbursement forms (it’s complicated).


  • Started tracking my activities (Time Recording for Android), sleep (Sleepbot for Android) and exercise (Dailyburn). So far so good.
  • Worked out quite regularly in gym, but did not exercise regularly in the morning.
  • Preparation for W. Created preliminary design for BR.
  • Bought tickets (a big relief).

Plan for next week


  • Finished the tech report for the CDC paper.
  • Read the UCB paper and develop my idea based on theirs.
  • Scheduling problem: write up the results for bounded dynamics, discrete-time controller synthesis for both exact and bounded dynamics.
  • (optional) Scheduling problem: write up the examples/applications, general design of code and decide to use Matlab or Python?
  • Pending: develop my urgency-based scheduling idea, BN for the E+ model, Work on GM & tool, update personal website and CV, brainstorm my job/career options.


  • Keep tracking my activities, sleep and exercise. Modify my daily schedule based on the results.
  • Keep regular schedule.
  • Go to bed early and rise early.
  • Exercise, add breaks to work time.
  • (Should) Play music.
  • (Should) Reading.

Tracking results

  • Sleep:
    • Ave. daily: 7.1 hours (fine, but should get more sleep).
    • Ave. Sleep time: ~23:40 (too late).
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