Weekly review: week from 2011-8-1 to 8-7

Last week


  • Started writing the tech report for the CDC paper.
  • Read the UCB paper, emailed them but no reply yet.
  • Discussed what to do next.


  • Tracked my daily activities. Some improvements but not yet satisfied.
  • Continued preparation for W.
  • Worked out 4 times/week.
  • Renewed my driver license.
  • Played music.

Plan for next week


  • Finish the tech report for the CDC paper.
  • Start revising CDC paper (would be wonderful if I can finish it).
  • (optional) Scheduling problem: write up the results for bounded dynamics, discrete-time controller synthesis for both exact and bounded dynamics, write up the examples/applications, general design of code and decide to use Matlab or Python?
  • Pending: develop my urgency-based scheduling idea, BN for the E+ model, Work on GM & tool, update personal website and CV, brainstorm my job/career options.


  • Continue tracking my daily activities.
  • Go to bed early and rise early. Try to have at least 7:15 of sleep everyday.
  • Exercise.
  • Window shopping for my suits and shoes.
  • (Should) Play music.
  • (Should) Reading.

Tracking results

  • Sleep:
    • Ave. daily: 6.9 hours (should get more sleep).
    • Ave. Sleep time: ~24:00 (too late, should go to bed earlier).
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