What time at night should I stop working

I read somewhere that if you wanted to have a good night sleep, you should rest your brain about two hours before going to bed. The reason is that it usually takes quite some time, about 2 hours, for your brain to change from an active/excited state to a resting state essential for a good sleep. I have learned it in the past week.

I have been working hard on a new research result, which required me to do the math, code the implementation and examples in Matlab, and write notes quite a lot. I worked, worked and worked, often until 11pm or midnight everyday, and I couldn’t go to sleep before 2am, even 3am. What worse was that even when I went to bed, my brain kept working and I kept thinking about the problem/idea. The consequence? I slept late, got up late, and still felt very tired the next day (typical of sleep deprivation). It was very bad since I was too tired to work efficiently.

So, I think I should set a new rule for myself:

Unless absolutely necessary, I will stop working and let my brain rest after 9pm at the latest.

By absolutely necessary I mean the situation of a very near deadline (either an explicit deadline or an implicit deadline).

Then comes the next question: how to stop working after that set hour? It’s easy to find some useful articles on the net: here and here.

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2 Responses to What time at night should I stop working

  1. NQH says:

    You might want to try to go to the gym at 9pm. An hour swimming works for me. It’s really amazing how much we can accomplish by … waking up early!

    • I heard that working out hard (e.g. weight lifting) too late at night is not good. Swimming would be good for sleeping, except that after swimming I often feel very hungry and need to eat, which seems not that great 🙂 However, a light swim + a warm shower might help, I think. Will try once the gym opens at regular hours.

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