Weekly review: I’m back

It has been quite a while since the last time I did a weekly review (one and a half months). I have been quite busy with a lot of work, deadlines, and with the Fall semester starting. I submitted a paper to ACC just 2 days ago (and made my own record for writing a paper from scratch in just 10 days). This post is not really a review as its title suggests because there will be no review of the last week(s) but only a plan for the next week.

One interesting fact I discovered during the hard time writing my papers: most of my good ideas popped up in my head (unexpectedly) in the morning, just after I woke up from a sleep (even not a good sleep). I’ve heard a lot about similar things happening to many brain-workers. Probably I should really go to bed early and get good sleep every night, so that more and better ideas will come out in the morning 🙂

Plan for next week


  • Develop my idea about hierarchical scheduling.
  • Finish the code for invariant set computation.
  • Learn more about chiller-tank control to see if I can make a good case study.
  • Plan for: system ID, adaptive.
  • (optional) Read more mathematical control & optimal control.
  • Pending: attracting set for schedulability of more general dynamics, ML – bandit, tech report for CDC paper, update personal website and CV, mechanism design, develop my urgency-based scheduling idea.


  • Go to bed early and rise early, get good sleep.
  • Exercise, add breaks to work time.
  • Ask about MBA.
  • (optional) Music and reading.
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