Married life review until [2012-02-18 Sat] and plan for next week

So I am married. Yay 🙂 My new, married, life has not changed much compared to my single life, but I have been feeling excited. After our wedding, my wife had been visiting me in the US for 4 weeks. She has just left for Vietnam this morning, exactly twelve hours ago. Returning from the airport to my apartment in Center City, I really felt the quietness, emptiness, and sadness of it. Suddenly, I missed her so much. Hope that her long trip back to Vietnam will be safe and sound.

Since today, with my wife’s departure, my life will see much change. First of all, it will change from a married life to a half-married-half-single life, in the sense that I will be living alone on my own but still have most of the married man’s responsibilities. Furthermore, I now have clearer future goals and plans (and courage too) for both my work/career and my personal life. As a consequence, I will be much busier; thus keeping good health will seem to be more challenging.

Anyway, below is the plan for next week.

  • Work
    • [ ] Review the journal paper (1 hour).
    • [ ] Finish the system id, control and simulation for CDC paper.
    • [ ] Finish a first draft of the CDC paper.
    • [ ] Update CV, website(s) and applications.
    • [ ] Review and plan my research and thesis.
    • Later: Update ideas: hierarchical scheduling, multiple modes, robust, system ID, adaptive, applications, implementation/simulation, etc.
    • Later: write up proofs and results I have so far, Update literature (BibTeX + mindmap), set up regular backups for MBP, attracting set for schedulability of more general dynamics, ML – bandit, tech report for CDC paper, mechanism design, develop my urgency-based scheduling idea.
  • Personal
    • [ ] Healthy lifestyle.
    • [ ] Meditation and exercise.
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