The Big Year

No, it’s not my big year (although it might be, who knows). It’s the title of a movie I have just watched (I know, I was supposed to work :-(). I don’t know why the movie was rated low on IMDb and Rottentomatoes. I really like it. And I don’t know why it is categorized and simply rated as a comedy. Though it has comedic situations, this movie is more than a comedy which makes people laugh. It makes people think. The most important message of the movie, in my opinion, is that there are things that are more precious and more important than being successful (whichever definition it be: being rich or being the best birder in the world). Those are your family, your closest ones, and your friends. Without them, however successful you are, you have nothing in the end.

I like this movie. And I think you will, too.

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