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Geometric computation and plotting with Yalmip

Yalmip is modeling language in Matlab for mathematical optimization (or programming in the language of Operation Research). There are many excellent optimization solvers out there, for Matlah or not, commercial or free or open source. However, each of them uses … Continue reading

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Grapher: a hidden treasure

From Mac OS X 10.4 onward, there is a software tool pre-installed called Grapher, hidden deep in /Applications/Utilities. Grapher is a graphing calculator, which allows users to plot many types of 2-D and 3-D graphs from data points, user-defined functions, … Continue reading

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Install Ipopt on Mac OS 10.6 for Matlab

Ipopt is a very good software package and library for large-scale nonlinear optimization (NLP solver). I wanted to install it, particularly its Matlab interface, to improve the performance of some of my code which currently uses fmincon. The Matlab’s default … Continue reading

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Produce publication-quality figures in Matlab

Note: I have moved my blog to my¬†personal site. The most updated version of this post can be found¬†here. If you want to export Simulink models to figures to be included in publications, check out this post of mine. Matlab … Continue reading

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