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Make typing mathematical equations in LaTeX easier with Emacs’ Calc

(This is a quick draft note, I will update it later.) If you type mathematical equations in the excellent Emacs editor a lot (e.g., in AucTeX mode or Org-mode), you may find the Calc package very useful. There is a … Continue reading

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BibTeX and Emacs’org-mode

BibTeX is an excellent reference management system, mostly used for LaTeX. Emacs is, of course, one of the best editors in the world, for one reason which is its extensibility. Org-mode is an extension to Emacs which helps you keep … Continue reading

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SyncTeX – Synchronization between TeX and DVI/PDF

SyncTeX is a method for synchronization between (La)TeX source and its DVI/PDF file.  It is well and officially supported in TeXLive 2008. More information on using SyncTeX on Mac OS can be found here. This post targets Emacs+AucTeX (excellent LaTeX … Continue reading

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Note Taking and Note Organization

It’s important for a grad student, especially a PhD student, to keep track and organize his/her notes (in general, read papers with comments, project documents, on-going papers, ideas,…). There are several requirements: It should be easy to categorize and search … Continue reading

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